Chaos Stop the madness!
Client:Souls Harbour Rescue Mission
Employer:Fusion Online

New Website: SHRM

This project was a fairly standard website build, as with all of the websites that I build it is fully responsive and works well on all screen sizes. My role in this project was that of the sole developer. Design was handled by employer at the time, Fusion Online.

One interesting aspect of this projet from a development point of view would be the Affordable Housing Application form which is an online version of the Harbour House application form in the truest sense, it allows users to fill out a form that changes it’s fields based on their answers, allows them to digitally sign it, and then it sends the completed form to both the user and Souls Harbour in PDF format for printing.

Along with the Souls Harbour Donation Website, this site had a tight deadline and was built from start to finish in the span of a few weeks as a time-sensitive job for my employer.

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