Chaos Stop the madness!
Client:Souls Harbour Rescue Mission
Employer:Fusion Online

Donations Website

This donation website may just look like a simple donation form, but there is actually quite a lot going on behind the scenes here that was a bunch of fun to develop. My role on the project was that of the lead developer, I had just three weeks to go from nothing to full fleshed out system and I’m quite proud of what I was able to accomplish.

Souls Harbour Rescue Mission needed a new donation website that provided value to both their donors and themselves. This site sports a responsive design that can be easily used on any screen size and a rich system for generating tax receipts and managing your donations. When a donation is made, that donation is attached to the user’s account and a tax receipt in PDF form is generated and sent to both the user and Souls Harbour. Through the donation manager, users are able to view all of their past donations, download past tax receipts, and manage any recurring donations that they may have setup.

This donation platform was built with security being a top priority along with usability, it is one of my favourite projects that I have built to date. It was built in PHP utilizing the Laravel Framework.

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