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Client:Blue Milk Special

Webcomic Upgrade

This project involved rebuilding and migrating a WordPress / ComicPress powered web comic to ComicEasel. The purpose was to merely restore a pre-existing website to working order, not to develop a completely new website, otherwise I would have built the site to be responsive.

The webcomic utilized a ComicPress installation which was end-of-life’d by its developer (the developer ceased supporting it). When an important WordPress update broke the site itself, I stepped in to offer my expertise in assisting the authors with fixing the site and transiting to a solution that would be supported in the future.

The migration process was fairly in depth, it involved pulling in approximately 750 different comic strips and then running the files through a series of steps to prepare them for import onto a new ComicEasel installation. Each comic strip needed to be optimized for web and then the file names had to be modified to allow for correct importing into ComicEasel. The theme required some custom development work to re-integrate ComicEasel’s systems into it.

After it was all said and done, I successfully pulled off a smooth migration to the new configuration from the old website without any issues.

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