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Client:CS30 Project

Microsoft Notepad Clone

This was a clone of Microsoft Notepad that I wrote in Visual Basic for my Computer Science 30 class in 2012. I fleshed it out, getting the base functionality of Notepad down, and then open sourced it uploading it to the Visual Studio Gallery and other code sharing sites. In 2014, I uploaded it to GitHub as well. No work has been done on it since then, but I do plan on returning to it eventually to bring it up to date with more modern versions of Visual Basic.

This project was really interesting for me, as I just uploaded it to the VS Gallery and then forgot about it. When I was looking back into it in order to add it to this portfolio, I found that it had achieved some small measure of success, being downloaded approximately ~50,000 times from various sites. I also found that it had been featured in an article by the Coding4Fun blog, along with re-uploaded to a couple of other code-sharing sites.


Project URLs: – Tutorial based on earlier version of the main application code Notepad.vb file.


Other Visual Basic projects that I worked on:


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