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Client:Luke Towers Consulting

Cadet Website Platform

I developed this project after seeing a need for Canadian Cadet units to improve their online presence. While some Cadet units do have websites or social media accounts, often these sites are built and run by volunteers within the unit that have varying degrees of technical expertise. The problem with that is often what will happen is once that individual leaves the unit for any reason, the website becomes stagnant or even vanishes completely as there are no processes in place for managing the site on an organizational level as opposed to an individual level.

My goal was to eliminate these issues and provide a centralized way for units to have an online presence in the form of a website that is tied to the unit directly through the support of their sponsoring committees instead of being tied to individuals within the unit. The Cadet Website Platform provides complete website management services for the technical aspect (managing domain names, hosting, etc) all under one contract with the unit’s sponsoring committee. The platform is built to be as user friendly as possible allowing any people within the unit to maintain the content of their sites no matter their level of technical expertise. Documentation, user guides, and continual support is all provided under the one package with the unit.

There are also several custom features that were developed specifically for the use of Cadet units. Some examples of these features are online permission slips that generate PDFs, weekly dismissal note management, and weekly training schedules that can be imported directly from the Training Officer’s Excel files.

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